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UNLIMITED Telephony and Internet

United States and Europe always connected

Now you can  have UNLIMITED phone, data and internet from the start of your trip  for the United States and Europe... With the support of T-Mobile International.

To always stay in touch during the  travel, be it  business, study or pleasure. Unlimited Calls, Internet and Unlimited data with 4G LTE technology for only $1.33 a day for 30 days !!!

1- Unlimited calls within the USA, international, Europe and to the country of residence in Central America, without contracts or obligations.
2- Unlimited Internet 4G LTE speed.

3- Unlimited 4G LTE data.

4- 4G LTE technology.

5- The SIM Card remains the property of the customer and is active for two years.

6- The SIM Card is adaptable to the different sizes and brands of mobile phones on the market, including I-Phone.

7- Pre-paid system and without contract.

8- Coverage in more than 60 countries worldwide.

9- Personalized phone number.

10- Customer service support 7 x 24 hrs.

11- Easy and immediate activation.

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