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The international driving license is governed  under the standards established in the World Convention on Road Traffic established in Geneva in the year  1949.

This agreement authorizes a person to drive a car in any country in the world that does not have an agreement with  your country of origin.

The bearer who has processed an International Driving Permit, will carry  a passport-type document, with your personal data and your photograph. This document describes  the international statutes to which the bearer is entitled, but also its  obligations when driving a car in a foreign country. What's more,  makes it easier for you  correctly identify with  the authorities of the country you visit and facilitates the reading of your Guatemalan license in  the  main languages of the United Nations.

The Permit guarantees, through its translations, that the bearer has a valid license in his country of origin and that he has the right to drive a car.  abroad.

In most countries the agreement is in force, although in a few there are restrictions such as the time allowed for use and the type of vehicle.

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