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Aprende inglés 

En las mejores escuelas de idiomas en USA

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Training Program No.3



  1. Main European raw materials

  2. Mediterranean rice

  3. Sauces, meat, fish and pasta

  4. traditional pastry

  5. Cutting-edge culinary techniques

  • During the month of study includes lodging at the school hotel.

  • Internships in hotels in Spain with accommodation and food included and financial aid of 300 Euros per month.


  1. Option 1:

    • 1 month of study and 5 months of practice

  2. Option 2:

    • 3 months of study and 3 months of practice

  3. Option 3:

    •   8 months of study and 4 months of practice

  4. Option 4:

  • Diploma with study and internship for up to two years at the University consult.


  • Be between 18 and 30 years of age.

  • Fill out the registration and make the registration payment for the course and internship placement.

  • Special visa procedure for students at the Spanish embassy, this procedure lasts approximately one to two months and a cost that must be paid at the Spanish embassy. The school will deliver documentation that accredits the student to support the process.

  • Be a university student, academy, hotel and/or tourism school, culinary arts, travel agency, confectionery, training institute, international relations or be a graduate in any of these areas.

  • It is not necessary to have previous experience, but it helps in the selection and establishment of the type of internship.

  • Knowledge of another language is not essential but it is an additional advantage (necessary for the Front Desk or administrative position).

  • Motivated, in good health, independent, open to learning and flexible with working hours.  



  • Registration application and payment.

  • Fill out CV in Spanish in European format (MTJ will provide a copy to the applicant).

  • Criminal and police records.

  • Two visa size photographs (cooking students in uniform).
  • Certificate of good health medical examination.

  • Letter of proof of the School, Academy, Institute or University.

  • Full copy of the passport in pdf.

  • Signing of the Agreement accepting the terms and conditions for internships with the destination hotel or institution.

  • Medical insurance for the entire stay (MTJ will offer this service).

  • Reservation of round trip air ticket (MTJ will offer this service).



Check costs:

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