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Study a career or a master's degree, live and work  in Europe

Study, live and work in Prague

The public universities of Prague in the Czech Republic are world renowned in Science, Engineering and Medicine:

  • The Czech Republic is among the top 20 countries in the world with the best education system.

  • It is the sixth safest country in the world according to the global peace index.

  • Brewery, Car Manufacturing and Bohemia Crystal are the most recognized industries in the Czech Republic, which began to form a gateway between our countries through export and trade.

  • In addition, it has more than 45,000 international students.

  • Low cost of living and high wages.

  • The Czech Republic belongs to the Schengen zone of Europe, so it is not necessary for Central American citizens to need an additional visa.

  • Prague is located in the heart of Europe, which makes traveling even easier.

  • Possibility of working part time.

Requirements and documentation:

  • Criminal and police records.

  • CV on the European model in English, it will be provided to you in Word.

  • Relevant degrees or diplomas.

  • Two passport size photographs.

  • Medical certificate of good health.

  • An account statement with at least $5,000 in deposits.

All of the above duly certified and apostilled.

  • Approved agreement of the school in Prague and confirmation of accommodation.

  • Copy of valid passport.

  • Medical insurance for the entire stay (MTJ will offer this service).

  • Reservation of round trip air ticket (MTJ will offer this service).

Information preparation course in Prague:

Foundation Course

My Young Ticket  Central America  offers you this excellent higher education option: Foundation Course, is a course in which students prepare for a year to enhance their level of English before  enter Czech Universities or other universities in Europe. While studying you have  the opportunity to work part-time.



Bachelor's Degree, MBA and other Master's degrees

The possibility of studying in Europe is a reality, obtaining a Bachelor's Degree, MBA or other master's degrees at the best universities in Prague has the following advantages:

  • Obtain a bachelor's degree in three years (in Czech).

  • Obtain a degree certified by the European Union.

  • Job offers by multinationals after graduation (in Prague).

  • Work in any country of the European Union after graduating and not have to validate the degree.

  • Obtain a degree from one of the state universities with national and world prestige.

  • Learn an extra language at university.

  • Live with 400 euros per month, accommodation, food, etc.

  • The jobs are operational with salaries ranging between €1,500 and €1,800.


  • Business, Economics, Law and Social Sciences.

  • Engineering and Computer Science.

  • Medicine and Life Sciences, among others.

Our programs include:

  • Advice and forms for obtaining a visa.

  • Advice for obtaining air ticket.

  • Advice to obtain travel and accident medical insurance.

  • Pre-departure and arrival monitoring.

  • Transfer from the airport upon arrival.

  • Accommodation in student residences.

  • 24 hours of advice and monitoring.

  • Study materials.

  • Half board food (breakfast and dinner).

  • Monthly pass for transportation.

  • Czech SIM card for phone.

  • The process, admission and visa for master's degrees is the same as for the Foundation Course.

  • Possibility of working part time while studying.

Check costs:

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