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ENGLISH in NEW YORK and other cities in the USA 2022


This summer you have the opportunity to learn or perfect your English in the United States at the College of Staten Island/The City University of New York (CUNY).

This intensive English program will help you learn and/or improve your level of English thanks to its class schedule that will allow you to be in total immersion for several consecutive hours with other students from different countries around the world.

  • Placement exam to determine the level of the course that corresponds to you.

  • Students will join ELI's Intensive English Program on campus.

  • You will have 22 hours of intensive classes per week.

  • You will be a full-time student, from 9:00 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon, Monday through Thursday.

  • The courses/subjects are the following: Reading & Writing, Conversation, Grammar and preparation for TOEFL (for those who take this option).

  • TOEFL ITP exam included. Examination provided at the end of June and beginning of August (for those who apply).

  • Free bus inside the campus.

  • Free bus that takes you to the Ferry terminal that goes to Manhattan for free.

  • University card / card / ID for free access to academic and sports activities available.

Prices and Discount

  • OFFER per Semester: $3,600  ( subject to change without notice).

The price includes

  • Course cost.

  • Study books.

  • Metrocard for transportation on New York buses and subways.

  • International health insurance.

  • Cost of SEVIS and documentation provided by the College for the processing of the F1 Student Visa.


Visa processing and other costs

To apply for the F1 Student Visa, the stay must be financially supported with a bank account statement or savings account (not credit cards), it can be in  United States dollars or its equivalent in local currency, it can be from a personal account, from the parents or also from a relative in the country of origin or who lives in the USA.

Registration $500.00 dollars


Additional costs  

  • Cost of the F-1 Student Visa $160 to be paid to the Embassy. .

  • Air ticket, to be quoted according to the exact date and city of departure.

  • Travel medical insurance.

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