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CareMed International Insurance


My Ticket Young Central America  insurance offers you  More complete Medical and Accident, to cover your stay abroad, when  business trips, studies, vacations  or work, with coverage from USD$500,000 to UNLIMITED.

Benefits: sickness,  accident, medications, hospitalization, theft or loss of luggage, theft of personal belongings, dental treatment... and much more, with the support of the best insurers worldwide.

Coverage  Premium

From USD$25 per  week (over 40 years restrictions apply). Special prices on 6-month coverage, a  year and group rates.  

Level Coverage  world

My Ticket Joven offers you more than just assistance, with  all the comfort offered by comprehensive travel insurance. Maximum age up to 65 years.

International Student Insurance


Insurer specializing in medical and international travel insurance for students around the world. With plans for students who must stay for months and years in another country other than their origin.

With coverage from $50,000 to $2,000,000. Maximum age 85  years.

Groin International Insurance

This insurance company offers a variety with minimum to premium coverage. For travelers for tourism, frequent for business, extreme sports and groups among others.

This insurance has options for seniors  older than 80 years. It includes  pre-existing condition coverage*.

*Restrictions apply.

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