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Summer Camp 2022 in Europe
study english in prague


Charles International School -CIS- is an intensive language program that combines sports activities, specialized skills and cultural experiences.

The summer school is designed to attract young people of various ages from all over the world, on an impressive campus, with open spaces for  learn and explore.
At CIS you will learn English and at the same time you will have fun and meet new friends from all over the world, with whom you will be able to share at meal times and in the various activities after class.

Days are scheduled to develop different skills such as cooking, swimming, astronomy, performing arts, a variety of sports and much more.


Throughout their stay, students are organized into age groups, with
  monitors assigned to each group who  will support and guide them throughout the summer. Age groups allow campers to find friends with similar interests from different countries, taking advantage of learning  about the different cultures of their peers.
The minimum age accepted is 11 years offering activities
  differentiated according to the group.

Students can apply to camp for a
  minimum  of two weeks, although it is recommended that parents choose at least a one-month stay, so that students can take full advantage of the study of English, as well as the activities and trips planned.

The classes

the size of the  Classes have a maximum of twelve students.

Upon arrival they will have to take an English test to determine their level of language ability, then they will be assigned to a class according to age and language ability.



The English course

Each student will receive 20 hours of English per week with highly qualified teachers. As students of many nationalities participate, they will have to communicate with each other in English, which will help them gain confidence.  and develop better skills and a higher level of conversation.

At the end of their stay at Charles International School, students will have:

  • Strengthened your grammar.

  • Developed confidence and accuracy when speaking.

  • Improved your reading and writing skills.

  • Improved your comprehension skills.

All students take a final exam and receive an English language certificate.


An exciting and varied range of excursions are planned during the camp program as part of the Summer School.
As well as providing a great day out, they will broaden their historical and cultural knowledge, geographical understanding of the Czech Republic and nearby countries such as Austria and Germany, while giving them the opportunity to put into practice the English language skills they have learned.
Trips, food and group activities are included, although additional drinks, snacks, souvenirs and personal purchases are additional and must be paid for by the student.

It includes

  • International health insurance.

  • Airport transfer.

  • Accommodation in the Campus residences.

  • Three feeding times.

  • Course cost.

  • Study materials.

  • Trips inside and outside the Czech Republic according to schedule.

  • Tickets to scheduled cultural activities.

  • 24/7 supervision.

The price does not include the Air Ticket that we quote separately, and the cost will depend on the date of departure and the date it is purchased.

For being less than 3 months the stay in the Czech Republic,

It is not necessary to process a Visa.

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