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Summer Camps 2019
in the United States with MLA



What better than studying and living the language in one place  English-speaking and with the direction of specialized teachers of the place.

Our summer camps for teenagers and young people are an opportunity to improve English skills in writing, reading and conversation with face-to-face classes, but also with the experience of living with young people from all over the world, participating in  cultural activities and  sports every day.

The girls and boys will be living in student residences at renowned universities in different parts of the United States.

And to make this trip unforgettable, they have  scheduled several visits to spectacular places to make this trip a time of growth that will impact the lives of the young participants.

Move Language Ahead - MLA

In today's world, one of the main objectives is the acquisition of multilingual and multicultural skills, which can be defined as the ability to communicate in more languages and to interact with other cultures. 

It is for this reason that thousands of teachers and millions of students have chosen MLA for the quality of the language courses and the consolidated English courses. MLA has also been chosen for the precise and meticulous attention it gives to the development of the different youth and teen packages, above all, with 40 years of experience in the United States and Europe.

MLA is always on the lookout for the most up-to-date language programs and training methodologies, in accordance with the language parameters established by the European Union. The MLA camps are the following, click on the  links to download the pdf with the information of each program (the pdf is automatically placed in the downloads folder):

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