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Internship in the United States
for Hospitality, Cuisine and Tourism

Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts

My Ticket Joven Centro América offers this kind temporary professional internship program with economic remuneration for students of Hospitality, Tourism, Cooking, Pastry, Hotel Management, Front Desk, Bar-Tender and Café Barista among others.

The goal is for students to have the opportunity to put into practice their skills, methods, and techniques in the culinary arts, in hospitality, and tourism, until they reach the goal and have professional experience under the supervision of experts in these areas in the United States.

The young practitioners will learn different techniques depending on the area of work that corresponds to them, quickly and safely in the designated place.

Students must go through an interview via Skype, in which they must demonstrate their skills  the English language and in the culinary art, hospitality and/or tourism. Once all the procedures have been accepted and completed, the candidates must pay the cost for placement and complete their application process.  a 3-day training in the United States to learn the rules and standards of the health department and the regulations of the company in which they will work, they will also be given an induction on the laws in the United States that they must know before starting the internship.

Internships take place in 5-star hotels throughout the United States.

The Program includes

  • The duration of the Program is 12 months of Internship for students or graduates of Hospitality and Trainee for graduates of other careers, assistance in applying for the J-1 Visa. Remuneration  per hour

  • Selection of the Sponsor (sponsor company guarantor before the United States government).

  • Medical insurance, SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System), DS 2019 form, placement, training plan and assistance during the program.

  • Placement and advice for practice.

  • Monitoring and orientation of the work and staff of the hotel where the participants will learn and participate in the different activities such as options for dining, shopping and amenities in the area.

  • Students will be under the daily supervision of qualified teachers and the internship site.

  • Participants will receive an evaluation the first 45 days of the Program and will be required to attend sessions with the different departments of the hotel to measure their learning and experience obtained up to that moment.

  • The student will receive training every time there are rotations in the different areas, to have basic knowledge of the workplace.

  • All participants will receive complete menu books, a copy and feedback of their own recipes, as well as lessons to enrich their knowledge, prior to finishing the course, which will culminate with a ceremony  after successful completion of the Program.

  • Cultural activities guided by the company.

  • Additionally, the students will have meetings with the directors, who will ensure that the training is being carried out with the highest learning standards, with the possibility of receiving comments and answering their questions.


  • There are several types of accommodation, in some cases it is provided by the employer, the organization offers several housing and accommodation options at various costs and according to the student's budget, they are apartment complexes, which offer the services, equipment and furniture basic.

  • There are also unfurnished apartments, with a lower cost, always paying basic services.

  • Or shared rooms in the selected place.

  • With or without meals included.

Work schedules

  • 36  to 40 hours a week.

  • Approximately from  8 to 10  Daily hours.

  • Remuneration from $12.50.00 per hour (subject to change depending on the hotel and the state).

  • Option to do extra hours daily or weekends.

  • The employer provides uniforms and training.

  • The employer offers assistance to obtain the stay.

  • Salary payments will be made every 15 days.


Requirements and Documentation

  • Ages between 18 and 30  years (maximum) of age, the same opportunity for both sexes.

  • Being students of universities, cooking academies or educational institutes with a specialty in: cooking, pastry and everything related to culinary art,  hotel and tourism.

  • Have 50% knowledge of English.

  • Valid passport.

  • 2 American visa size photographs.

  • Agreement signature for internships by the university, academy, school or entity that supports your current studies.

  • Medical certificate.

  • Criminal and police records.

  • Fill out and sign the contract.

  • Field experience.

  • Payment of placement costs.

Internship Options for Students

internship  and 12 months in the United States

Graduate Trainee Options

internship  12 and 18 months in the United States

Check costs:

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